40 Points of Inspection

All Golden Lift Chairs Pass a 40 Point Inspection

  1. Model number is verified.
  2. Fabric color is verified.
  3. Options are verified (inapplicable).
  4. Chair is inspected for fabric cleanliness.
  5. Upholstery is inspected for the direction of nap.
  6. Upholstery is inspected for seam integrity and holes.
  7. Any loose threads are trimmed.
  8. Leg levelers are checked and tightened.
  9. All frame bolts are tightened.
  10. Footboard gap verified as even and straight.
  11. Placement of five French tacks is verified.
  12. Proper law tags are located and verified.
  13. Motor clevis pins are locked.
  14. All wires are wrapped and fastened with tie wraps.
  15. Lift grace bolts are securely fastened to bottom arms.
  16. All scissor mechanic bolts are present and tight.
  17. Poly packs are inspected and no staples are touching the metal frame.
  18. Chair is inspected for broken, damaged, or missing parts.
  19. Frame is inspected for split wood.
  20. Chair is inspected for loose staples.
  21. Heat function is turned on and tested, when applicable.
  22. Washer placement, number of washers at motor clevis, and straps are verified.
  23. Serial number labels are attached to the lift frame and hand control cord.
  24. Lift and recline buttons are tested for functionality.
  25. Sleep position is verified.
  26. Sit position is verified.
  27. TV position is verified.
  28. All massage buttons and massage zones are turned on and tested, when applicable.
  29. Hand control LED lights are observed. Lights are dimmed when not in use and brightened when any button is pressed.
  30. Up and down arrow buttons for back and footrest are tested for functionality.
  31. Transformer is plugged in and LED lights (SmartTek®) are checked on the transformer, hand control, and the motor wire.
  32. Chair is ridden from fully reclined to the full lifted, ensuring smooth and quiet movement.
  33. While seated, the chair is inspected for the proper foam and firer regulation, i.e. no bumps or uneven stuffing.
  34. Proper owner’s manual is added.
  35. Arm covers are added, when applicable.
  36. Appropriate hand tags are applied with swift tack gun.
  37. Model number, model options, serial number, and sales order number are scanned from work order and box tag.
  38. Motor serial number is scanned.
  39. Transformer serial number is scanned.
  40. If the chair passes inspection, it is sent to boxing with the box labels.