Power Lift Recliners

Discover America's leading brand of power lift recliners with patented comfort that no other company can offer in a wide variety of styles for every home! Family owned and operated since 1985, our recliner chairs are built to last and backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.

Mobility Scooters

Introducing America's favorite line of mobility scooters including the first FULL-TIME Luxury Travel Scooter allowing for all-day use and easy transport, too! The Buzzaround LX is shipping now! Golden Scooters are class II medical devices.

Power Chairs

Home of the world's favorite portable power wheelchair! The Golden Envy is the lightest, most maneuverable, least expensive portable power wheelchair on the market! Golden power wheelchairs are class II medical devices.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Find your perfect position! Learn about Golden’s patented MaxiComfort zero gravity recliners for that blissful weightless experience every time you recline!

View Zero Gravity Video

Patented Twilight Technology

If you like zero gravity, watch this video to see that PLUS Golden’s famous patented Twilight positioning technology in action, providing the world’s most comfortable reclining experience!

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It made my life so much easier!

I never had the chance to try out a scooter until my mom rented the Golden Scooter while we were in Maui. It made my life so much easier! It was so easy to get around in the scooter and I was able to be more independent and not rely on my mom or someone to push me around in the manual wheelchair. The battery was excellent on the scooter. I was even able to ride the scooter to and from a beach near our condo, which was about a mile away!

Tracie Mills — Trinity, TX
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See where it all started

We’ve been making our chairs with premium materials since the very beginning.

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