Gaining A Lot of Weight? It Might Be Hypothyroidism


Weighing on a Scale Dramatic Weight Gain Could be a Sign of Hypothyroidism

Written By: Aline Browning

The Emotional Drain of Dramatic Weight Gain

Dramatic weight gain can be emotionally crushing. It’s made me doubt my self worth, causes physical pain, and has even been a financial burden because I’ve had to buy all new clothes. When I turned 40, I began to struggle with weakness and fatigue that was first thought to be anemia. The diagnosis was updated after some testing a few months later and I was told I had Hypothyroidism.

I was very fit in my 20s and 30s. I weighed 122 lbs. I ran 2.5 miles on an elliptical machine 3-4 days a week, I lifted weights, did resistance training, and wore extra small-sized clothes. My weight fluctuated by a few pounds, but I was always under 130 lbs. I received my diagnosis two years ago. I am now at 167 lbs. and climbing.

Aline Browning in 2019Aline Browning with Golden Technologies


In two years I have had four wardrobe changes and I now wear large-sized clothing and frankly, that makes me sad at least 20 times a day. Every time I attempt to button my coat, lift something heavy, or try on new clothing, I feel like I am losing more and more of myself. To me, it seems to be happening incredibly fast. It’s like I’m watching a photograph of myself just blur before my eyes. To spectators, it may seem like the answer is to make lifestyle changes and get back in shape, but that is a leaf that doesn’t turn over so easily when you have Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroid weight gain isn’t caused by fat, but by enlargement and softening of muscle mass, so burning it off is impossible. I try to make light-hearted jokes about how I’m “hulking” out of my clothes but at the end of the day, it really still just hurts to think about my body changing this way. I feel powerless over it.

One of the reasons it is so difficult to “attack” the progression of hypothyroidism is because there is a plethora of underlying autoimmune diseases that may be causing it. Getting to the bottom of the cause of one’s hypothyroidism can take as long as it takes to diagnose systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). On average it takes six years to diagnose SLE, which translates to roughly six years of unchecked damage to the body caused by either the underlying condition or the hypothyroidism.

I was extremely crushed to receive the diagnosis, but not surprised, as thyroid disease is common in the women in my family. My younger sister was diagnosed with Graves disease about eight years ago and she has struggled terribly through her symptoms. She endured drastic weight loss, muscle weakness, headaches, and the worst were her bulging, ulcerated eyes. I was so distraught over her symptoms that it never occurred to me that I would end up with a thyroid disorder diagnosis of my own. 

Thyroid disease is predominantly gender specific and mostly impacts women. According to Dr. Klein from From the Department of Medicine and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, “Current estimates suggest that it affects as many as 9% to 15% of the adult female population and a smaller percentage of adult males.” Lo and behold, I found myself in the ranks of that statistic.

“Virtually all studies report higher prevalence rates for either overt or subclinical hypothyroidism in women with advancing age.” According to Dr. Morganti from National Center for Biotechnology Information, “epidemiological data from the aging population confirms that men are less affected by thyroid disease than women.”

Unfortunately, weight gain is one of the most common side effects of Hypothyroidism, but there are many other complications that arise from this disorder that many might not know about. Familiarizing yourself with some of the more serious and common complications can help you prepare and to source tools and knowledge that will help you combat its effects. Getting a power lift recliner, for example, can enhance your mobility during a time when mobility is threatened by Hypothyroidism and the autoimmune diseases that cause it. 

According to the Mayo Clinic (2021), “Symptoms may include fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, weight gain, muscle weakness, muscle aches, muscle tenderness and stiffness, and depression among others.” Hypothyroidism is a disease that impedes your mobility over time and causes musculoskeletal weakness.


Power Lift Chairs Can Help with Balance Issues

Golden Technologies PR446 Dione Power Lift Chair Recliner Gently Lifting a WomanHypothyroid myopathy is a common complication of hypothyroidism that reportedly affects “almost 80 percent of patients with hypothyroidism. Patients with severe or untreated hypothyroidism can develop significant muscle disease leading to severe functional limitations.” Fariduddin, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Golden power lift recliners provide supportive and ergonomic lift assistance that will help you carefully stand to your feet. If muscle responses are slower, it can impact an individual’s balance which is especially true with elderly patients. “The most common symptoms include weakness around the hips and sometimes the shoulders, and a slowing of reflexes. Some people also experience muscle stiffness and painful muscle cramps.” According to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. 


Hypothyroidism and Circulatory Complications

Hypothyroidism can affect cardiac contractions the same way it affects type 2 muscle fiber contraction, which can result in cardiovascular complications. According to the American Thyroid Association (2020), “symptoms may include slowing of the heart rate, constriction of the blood vessels and increased blood pressure, retention of fluid and edema and an increase in cholesterol levels. Severe cases of hypothyroidism can cause heart failure and death.”

Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH) is thought to reverse the adverse effects of hypothyroidism on the cardiovascular system. Truthfully, with treatment, there is a fine line to walk as over-treatment can be equally detrimental. Dr. Francois from the Department of Medicine at SUNY-Downstate Health Science University states that “20% of patients with hypothyroidism may be over-treated during replacement therapy leading to increased risk of atrial fibrillation, especially among the elderly. Despite the improvement in both symptoms and cardiac contractility, close observation is needed when starting thyroid hormonal therapy, particularly in the elderly and in those with known coronary ischemia.”

Having hypothyroidism can change the viscosity of the blood, which can lead to increased systemic vascular resistance (SVR), and SVR is the pressure that regulates our blood flow. Now with decreased cardiac output and venous blood struggling to return to the heart, the chance for inflammation has greatly increased through the shedding of blood cell waste. Leg elevation can help to reduce some of this blood cell waste by making it easier for blood oxygen to reach the brain. Golden power lift recliners offer leg elevation with infinite positioning, so you can adjust your leg elevation for comfort while encouraging improved circulation. 

Golden Technologies Dione PR446 Power Lift Chair Recliner 


You Owe it to Your Body to Find Out What is Causing Your Hypothyroidism

When I started my research for this blog post, I hadn’t been educated on the connection between autoimmune disease and Hypothyroidism. I just assumed that a few lifestyle choices would get me back on track. At that point, I was forced to face a detail that I have been ignoring for about a year now. I have had increasing severity in the arthritis in my neck and about six other joints in my body. Sometimes a simple gesture like shaking my head “no” will cause my neck to become stuck. It is painful, not to mention really socially awkward. It is also a detail that I have ignored for too long. So, I had a hearty tearful moment at my desk and then I called my doctor to set up testing for RA. 

He is ordering testing for SLE as well because autoimmune diseases are imposter diseases that are difficult to diagnose. He didn’t hesitate to set up the tests and he was very forthcoming when he told me that it may take years to confirm. I want to start the process now that I know that time is not on my side with diagnosing the autoimmune disease. I know that there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can reduce or slow the progression of this condition, but that can’t be achieved until I know which disease is causing it. I know one thing for sure, I work and live in close proximity to the world’s leading lift chair manufacturer so as my mobility needs change, I’ll have some amazing accessibility options and you have those options, too. I encourage you to find a Golden retailer near you to start sourcing the tools you need to help make every day of your life easier and more comfortable.


Golden Technologies Twilight 5-Zone Power Lift Chair Recliners



Accepting Disability and/or Chronic Illness

Written By: Anna Giannakouros

Anna Giannakouros and her dog on her Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair Firestar

My MS Journey

From the day I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I tried whatever I could do to fight it. I refused to accept it and the belief that one day it would progress to the point that I would be disabled. I made healthy diet and exercise lifestyle changes, tried alternative medicines, participated in clinical trials, and took the latest medications. I reduced the stress in my life by making employment changes and filtering out negative people. I practiced yoga, meditated, prayed, affirmed and visualized. I believed that I would beat this. Most days I’m still hopeful that I will.

Fast forward 12 years though, and the reality is that the disease continues to steadily progress every year and I am now in fact disabled and unable to walk without assistance. I use a power wheelchair every day and I am dependent on it and other people to help me get around. I also suffer from chronic fatigue and pain. I’m actually living what, at one point, I thought of as my biggest fear.

There was a time when I blamed myself and had regrets and anger on what I could have done better or differently. Things like wishing I had chosen a better doctor or taken different medication. Also, medical mistakes were made that weren’t in my control and I resented that, often wondering how things could have been different for me if they hadn’t been made. But I don’t feel like that anymore. I truly believe that this was the path I was meant to follow and I am proud of myself and my lifestyle and for all the positive changes I’ve made in my life that serve me, independent of having the disease. I would not change a thing.


Acceptance Is Not Giving Up

“The moment that judgment stops through acceptance of what is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.”

Eckhart Tolle

I only recently embraced the idea of acceptance of my chronic illness.

It takes courage and wisdom to know when it’s time to accept an undesired situation.

Accepting a reality that you fought against doesn’t make you a failure or mean that you’re giving up. It means that you have evolved to a point where you can objectively see the situation for what it is and you can rise above it and make peace with it free of judgment and negative emotion. By accepting and surrendering to a circumstance with grace and confidence, we transcend, irrespective of our bodies and current circumstance. That doesn’t mean that we are happy with or believe that we will never get better or be fully happy again–that is actually what giving up would be. It means knowing that we will be okay no matter what the outcome is.

Perhaps even, it’s being open to the idea that it was meant to happen for reasons we cannot fully understand right now.


Understand That Life Happens

“The ego says, ‘I shouldn’t have to suffer’ and that makes you suffer so much more. It is a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it.”

Eckhart Tolle

We need to understand that bad things happen sometimes in this life and that it’s normal and part of the human experience. No one is alone in that or exempt from it.

People get sick and suffer every day. We all age and we all expire in different ways. We all eventually die; every single one of us. I don’t mean this to sound depressing, it’s simply reality and that’s all it is. As soon as you accept that, you can see things from a different, more neutral perspective.

No one’s life is perfect and there are millions of people in the world dealing with challenging and unfair situations every single day. It’s how we choose to react to these situations that make the difference between a good life and a bad life. It’s not the absence of negative situations; it’s the way that we react to those situations. 

Oftentimes, even though judgment, anger, frustration, resentment and sadness are warranted, we must choose a path that better serves us, rather than staying stuck in those emotions. We need to let go of the expectation that our lives should have been different or that this bad thing shouldn’t have happened because for whatever the reason, it did happen, and this is our life right now. Every minute spent hoping that things could have been different puts us into a victim mentality and takes away from the happiness of the current moment, prohibiting us from living our best life possible.

 Anna Giannakouros on the Golden LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair Getting into Car 2


We Can Still Live Our Best Life With a Disability or Chronic Illness

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


It’s our nature to want to not only survive, but to thrive and be happy, to gravitate towards fulfillment. Sometimes it’s our mind that gets in the way of that; we know we need to move on, but we are afraid of what that means or how to do it.

When certain doors close, we must not be afraid to find and open new doors. Don’t spend your time and effort trying to open closed doors or just sit by the closed doors that aren’t accessible to you anymore, because that will only leave you feeling weak, sad, and defeated. Spend your energy finding new doors that will make you feel happy and strong.

Your life isn’t over because you have a disability or chronic illness. Choose thoughts, people and circumstances in your life that better you and make you feel happy and strong.

It’s hard mourning and letting go of what you can no longer do or how you used to define yourself. But once you allow yourself to accept that and move past it, a new space and sense of peace emerges within you that encourages you to begin focusing on new activities and new passions in your life. Then the answers will come.

I know it’s not always that easy and of course there are moments that I still can’t believe that I have MS and that I can’t walk anymore. I do miss my old independent self and the basic activities I used to do that so many people take for granted. But, I have mourned those feelings already. I acknowledge them, but do not dwell on them too long. I have other doors to focus on.

Even though my life has changed, every day I wake up and choose to live my best life possible. For me, that means being the best version of myself, for myself, and for my family and the people that I love. I work on personal projects that inspire me. I set personal goals and reach them in areas of health and fitness. I practice self-care and self-love. I stay active and exercise because that makes me feel good and strong. I do simple things that make me happy like writing, cooking, reading and spending time with quality, supportive friends. I have a sense of purpose.

I’m enjoying my life and feel very happy even though I’m disabled and living with a chronic illness, because I have redefined my life adapting to the circumstance, letting go of what I can no longer do and fully embracing what I can do.

Anna Giannakouros and her dog on the Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair 


Happiness Is an Inside Job

I used to think that happiness was something brought about by circumstances, surroundings and/or my achievements. Like a certain formula of feel-good experiences, people and emotions that “made me” happy.  But what I’ve realized is that peace, love and happiness is something that can be tapped into at any time; it’s a state of mind. In fact, it is our natural state and not something we need to search for. It is always readily available within us, independent of anything else like surroundings, people or circumstances. We just need to quiet our minds and recognize that. Breathe and surrender to it. Remember who we are.

We all have moments of despair and things that happen that hurt us. It’s the nature of the human experience to experience a wide array of emotions. But what’s important to realize is that we always have the ability to return back to our natural state of mind.

No one or situation can make you feel angry or sad unless you already have those beliefs in your head. Similarly, no one or situation can make you feel happy and loved unless you believe it yourself. It all begins and ends with us.

It’s our thoughts that cause our emotions, but just because you think it, that doesn’t make it true. You can decide what you choose to think and the corresponding emotion comes along with that. When you find yourself caught in emotions of despair, recognize it, pinpoint what thought(s) you had that caused the emotion, feel the emotion(s), and then let it go. Don’t get caught in over-thinking or self-defeating thought patterns. They do not serve us and they block contact with our natural state.

Choose happy and positive thoughts to dwell on.



 “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

Sonia Ricotti


Release yourself from the stress and burden of carrying the weight of your disability or illness. You have done the best you can do with the cards that have been dealt to you and that is something to be proud of. 

It’s hard to make sense of these things and why they had to happen, but try to embrace being comfortable with not having all the answers. Perhaps this was meant to be for reasons you can’t see right now.

Make a goal to focus on all the positive aspects of life. To surrender to what is right now, hope for the best and have faith in the future knowing that no matter what happens, you will be okay.

I hope that you, too, can use this situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and become a better person. Embrace the idea that the healing journey is a path to deeply discover yourself and that good things can come from challenging situations.


For more inspiration and tips on how to live your best life, follow @immakeepstandin on Instagram.  


Lifestyle Changes that Can Help You Cope with GERD and Acid Reflux

Written By: Aline Browning

Man in Bed with Acid Reflux


There are many lifestyle options that can not only reduce the symptoms of Acid Reflux but also help you to improve sleep, improve your appetite, and create overall mental wellbeing. Even the steps you take toward better relaxation, can improve your symptoms. First, what is the difference between Heartburn and Acid Reflux and who does it affect?


Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and GERD

Heartburn and acid reflux, while related, are not the same condition. According to the Cleveland Clinic (2021), “heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux.” Heartburn is fairly common as long as it doesn’t occur often and it can be managed easily. Heartburn is very acidic and can cause a burning sensation in the chest area. According to the American College of Gastroenterology (2021), “There is reflux that can be non-acidic” they define gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as, “regular symptoms caused by the flow of gastric contents into the esophagus.” GERD is a chronic disease that also happens to cause heartburn.

GERD can produce deceptive symptoms that can lead to misdiagnosis. While heartburn can leave an unmistakably bad taste in your mouth, GERD symptoms can create even more confusion. The American College of Gastroenterology (2021) states, “Experts recognize that often the role of acid reflux has been overlooked as a potential factor in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic cough, hoarseness, and asthma-like symptoms.”

Chest pain and a lump-in-the-throat sensation are also symptoms that accompany GERD that do not necessarily give off a burning sensation. Of course, it is very important not to assume that the chest pain is esophageal, but instead have a doctor diagnose the cause of the chest pain.


Woman with Acid Reflux

Who does Acid Reflux affect?

While reflux can affect all ages, from infancy to senior aged individuals, the age group with the highest prevalence are people aged 20-29. The prevalence of GERD is higher among women and according to Yaseri (2017), “GERD occurs more in females than in males with an increase in age.” Two prominent risk factors for Acid Reflux in this age group are obesity and heavy alcohol consumption. Therefore, lifestyle changes are often recommended as one course of treatment. According to Chen (2010), “Alcohol consumption probably precipitates GERD. Exposure of the esophagus and stomach to alcohol may cause direct damage to esophageal and gastric mucosa. In addition, toxic acetaldehyde metalized from alcohol could affect the function of the esophagus and stomach. Furthermore, dysfunction of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and esophageal peristalsis and abnormal gastric acid secretion may be involved in the pathogenesis of alcohol-related GERD.”

What you eat before bedtime can also contribute to the symptoms of acid reflux. Fatty foods, acidic foods, and spices such as chili powder or black pepper can damage the esophageal mucosa and create reflux. Gupta, MD. (2021) recommends high fiber foods in their place, “Whole grains such as oatmeal, couscous and brown rice. Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and beets. Green vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and green beans.”


Woman Sleeping in Golden Relaxer Power Lift Chair Recliner By Fireplace

How Golden Lift Chairs Can Help You Sleep Better

While acid reflux can cause sleep disturbances, sleep disturbances can also further exacerbate the symptoms of GERD. According to Jung (2010), “There is a significant association between disturbed sleep and GERD, and this may be bidirectional. Sleep disorders may induce gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances, while GI symptoms also may provoke or worsen sleep derangements. Reflux of gastric acid is a less frequent event during sleep, however, acid clearance mechanisms (including swallowing, salivation and primary esophageal motility) are impaired during sleep resulting in prolongation of acid contact time. Nighttime reflux can lead to sleep disturbance and sleep disturbance may further aggravate GERD by prolonged acid contact time and heightened sensory perception. This may facilitate the occurrence of complicated GERD and decreased quality of life.”

While a doctor may recommend changes in diet and interval changes between eat and sleep. They have also tested the efficacy of head elevation during sleep for reflux patients. According to Khan, MD. (2012), “Bed head elevation reduced esophageal acid exposure and acid clearance time in nocturnal (supine) refluxers and led to some relief from heartburn and sleep disturbance.” In fact, the study revealed that “sleep disturbances improved in 65% of the patients (13 of 24) in the study.”

Golden Maxicomfort™ power lift recliners provide the ultimate comfort for head-elevated sleep with infinite positioning that is programmable. Once you find that elevated sleep position that alleviates your reflux, you can program it right into your Autodrive™ hand control so that searching for comfort doesn’t take so long at night. Electric hospital beds can take up a lot of space and may not be the most practical option for someone experiencing the symptoms of acid reflux. Golden power lift recliners are an option that provide you with the same elevation as a hospital bed, but fit better in your life and with your home décor. We have had several customers with GERD find relief from sleeping in our lift chair, see the Google review below. 

Golden Technologies Power Lift Chair Recliner Review for GERD


For more resources on living with Acid Reflux please visit:



Golden Technologies Honored with Awards for Growth & Excellence

Golden Technologies Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce SAGE Awards Winner for Business of the Year and the IMPACT Award for People & Culture


Old Forge, PA – Golden Technologies was recently honored by The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce at a gala celebrating the SAGE Awards, Scranton Awards for Growth and Excellence, winning Business of the Year and the IMPACT Award for People & Culture. The SAGE Awards recognize the outstanding efforts, talent, creativity, and innovation in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Over 20 years ago, we remember being awarded Small Business of the Year and how much that means to us. To achieve this huge milestone years later and be honored with the 2021 Business of the Year award is truly an honor and we are so proud,” said President & CEO Rich Golden. “Something that we’re even more proud of is receiving the IMPACT Award for People & Culture. This award recognizes a business that has gone above and beyond in responding to the COVID-19 crisis in terms of creativity, adaptation, and perseverance to ensure the well-being of its team members. We are very proud of these awards and recognition by our business community leaders,” he added.

In response to immediate needs during the COVID-19 pandemic for their power lift recliners, scooters, and power wheelchairs, Golden stayed open as an essential business and demonstrated growth and operational success by opening a new 170,000 square foot distribution center equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing equipment. In addition, Golden increased minimum wages to retain and attract more workers, opened new office space, and utilized training programs to improve efficiency. Golden is also proud to give back to the Scranton community such as donating luxury power lift recliners to The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania to provide comfort during their day programs and utilizing sewing equipment to manufacture masks for local hospitals and the community.

In addition to recognizing resourcefulness and innovation in local businesses and organizations employed due to the challenges of COVID-19, the IMPACT Award for People & Culture honors those that demonstrated an adaptation of safe work environments, restructuring, retention of employees, as well as compensation, flexibility, and remote work. Employee events like Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties for children of employees, holiday cookouts, and special recognition days are part of their company culture to show gratitude towards one another and to be thankful for the meaningful work they do.

“Under unprecedented conditions, each team member in production and traffic, customer and technical service, accounting and sales showed up day after day and did everything they could to continue to provide customers with the power lift recliners and mobility products they so desperately needed. I am very proud of everyone, and congratulations on this special achievement,” said Golden.


Visit for more information.





About Golden Technologies


Golden Technologies, a family-owned and operated company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxurious lift and recline chairs. We take great satisfaction in the superb craftsmanship and lasting durability of our growing lines of Power Lift Chairs and Power Wheelchairs, and Scooters. Golden’s products set the pace in our industry for performance, convenience, and comfort, because they all begin with superior materials and creative designs. We help provide our customers with a sense of independence, mobility, freedom, accomplishment, and belonging.


Golden Technologies Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

Paul Yurko Appointed Golden Technologies Chief Financial Officer

Old Forge, PA – Golden Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Yurko
as Chief Financial Officer to help lead dynamic growth within the organization. Paul is
responsible for the financial management and information technology strategy of the
organization and improving processes to achieve profitable growth.

“As a key member of our executive management team, Paul will serve in a strategic role in
the overall management of the company. We welcome his contributions as he assumes the
primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all
financial-related activities of the company,” said Rich Golden, CEO. “I am confident that
Paul will be an excellent match for this position and a strong asset to the organization,” he

Paul has more than 25 years of financial management experience in the service, foods,
transportation, and manufacturing industries. He has held various executive-level positions
at large companies, including Metz Culinary Management, Martz Group, Kraft Foods,
Nabisco, and Rosenn Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP. In addition to his extensive experience, he
earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Wilkes College.
Visit for more information.

About Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies, a family-owned and operated company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of
luxurious lift and recline chairs. We take great satisfaction in the superb craftsmanship and lasting
durability of our growing lines of Power Lift Chairs and Power Wheelchairs, and Scooters. Golden’s
products set the pace in our industry for performance, convenience, and comfort, because they all
begin with superior materials and creative designs. We help provide our customers with a sense of
independence, mobility, freedom, accomplishment, and belonging.

Golden Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey

Donna Payer



















“I remember waking up from my surgery and saying, “Excuse me! I have to go!”

“What? Where are you going?” said the doctor.

“I have to get back to work!” says Donna Payer, Golden’s Veteran’s Affairs Manager of 27 years.

Donna’s interaction with her doctor goes to show her strong drive and passion for her work despite just having gone through a serious, major surgery. At Golden, Donna can be found taking charge of our VA Division, keeping watch of all our contracts, working daily with VA Medical Centers across the U.S, and much more. But what many people might not know is that this hard-working Golden team member is also a breast cancer survivor.

Donna Payer VA













“It was January of 2011 when I got the call. I had gone in for a mammogram and learned that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There are so many thoughts that go through your head when you hear the word cancer. Everything about your life… one minute before you hear that, feels like it’s gone,” says Donna.

“We were just awarded the VA contract days before too, and I had to fly to Chicago to meet with contracting officers to sign for the award. I remember being in the airport and looking around at all these people who are going about their lives, and thinking, ‘they have no idea what I’m in for.’”

Donna started her treatment in May which she refers to as, “The Big Treatment.” She went through Chemotherapy and Radiation as well as two surgeries. “It was hard to go through, but I made the decision that I had to do what I needed to do to heal,” says Donna.

“I took the first week off of work, but that was it. The thing I wanted to do the most was to be normal,” says the Golden Hall of Fame team member of 27 years.

“Rich Golden, the CEO, called me when I just got the news, and we were both crying on the phone. He sent me an email with something from Joel Osteen and it was so beautiful. He said whatever I needed I could have, but I didn’t want to not work. We had just been awarded three new VA contracts and I truly wanted to keep working.”

Besides losing her hair, Donna says she feels lucky to have not gotten sick during her treatment. She saw what others in her position went through and is blessed to have such a strong support system throughout her journey. She had her mom, sister, family members, close friends such as Lisa Miller, and also her Faith that helped her get through it all.

Donna Payer













“If there’s someone out there going through breast cancer or any kind of cancer, I want to say to not give up hope. Do what you need to do to get through it; you will get to the other side of the mountain. It’s possible to make it through. Having been through it, I’m always here to talk. I’ve looked at life differently since.”

Shortly after learning the news that Donna had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Golden joined a partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation creating awareness and donating to this cause. Golden manufactured pink chairs and pink shrouds for scooters that sold out immediately.

Rich Golden Pink Chair















Golden Breast Cancer Awareness













People like Donna is what makes Golden so great, and we’re beyond grateful to have someone like her on our team. Donna has been instrumental in Golden’s growth, especially within our mobility department, and we’re thankful for her sharing her journey with us. Like she said, for anyone out there who’s going through something, “There’s always the other side of the mountain.”


Written by: Alyssa Golden

Golden Veterans Day Virtual 5K

Golden Veterans Day Virtual 5K Fundraiser 2021


Are you looking for a way to help our veterans in need this Veterans Day? Golden Technologies is honored to hold our 2nd annual Veterans Day Virtual 5K November 6th-14th with our team members, friends, and family nationwide to help benefit an amazing cause. Sign up for and/or donate to Golden’s Veterans Day Virtual 5K to benefit The Semper Fi & America’s Fund for combat wounded, ill, and injured veterans! Registration is FREE and can be completed online: This virtual race is based on the honor system and completing a 5K is not required (we just thought it sounded good!). Feel free to scoot/walk/run/bike or complete any type of physical activity of your choosing from November 6th-14th and please send us your photos honoring the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our great nation!

The Semper Fi & America’s Fund was given an exceptional rating by Charity Navigator and was highly recommended by This charity was created in 2003 by a dedicated group of Marine spouses. Just back from Operation Iraqi Freedom, the first wave of wounded Marines and Sailors landed at Camp Pendleton, California. The group began to organize welcome home activities at the hospital. They arranged travel for family members who couldn’t afford airfare. They provided a specialized van for a Marine who is now a quadriplegic through the generosity of donors like retired Marine Colonel Jack Kelly. The group assembled and distributed care bags filled with toiletries and phone cards. And the charity was born. 

Register by Nov. 14th, 2021 to join the virtual raceTO REGISTER OR DONATE, visit and select JOIN TEAM OR DONATE. Please share our team’s page to ask for donations for injured & ill veterans. 

And don’t forget to post your photos to #GoldenVetDay5K, Facebook message them to @GoldenTechnologies or email them to

How To Help Manage Chronic Pain 

Pregnant Woman Resting in Golden Technologies PR118 Elara Power Lift Chair Recliner

Written By: Aline Browning


Pain Comes in All Forms

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine (2021), “Nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which is more than those who have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.” The most commonly reported chronic pain in adults is low back pain, followed by knee pain, and chronic migraines.  Fortunately, Golden’s Comfort Zone Power Lift Recliners have patented positioning technology designed to help alleviate body aches and pains.

Woman with Back Pain

Low back pain can be caused by Sciatica, labor-related injury, Arthritis, Spina Bifida,or Spinal Stenosis, and many other reasons. Spinal Stenosis is a condition that becomes increasingly common with age. “Over time, the cumulative effects of gravity bring the vertebrae closer together, and the discs also tend to dry out and become thinner. With less cushioning between them, the vertebrae rub against one another, causing arthritis. Arthritic bone deposits can narrow the channels through which nerves pass, putting pressure on them and producing pain.” Harvard Health Publishing (2019).

Selfcare is a common treatment for Spinal Stenosis according to the Mayfield Clinic,  “When lying on your back a pillow support should be utilized under the knees. Remember a pillow should support the neck not the head.” Furthermore their recommendations for proper sleeping posture are, “using correct posture and keeping your spine in alignment are the most important things you can do for your back. The lower back bears most of your weight, so proper alignment of this area can prevent injury to your vertebrae, discs, and other portions of your spine.”

Golden power lift recliners with 4 and 5 Comfort Zones, offer articulating headrest and lumbar support that caWoman Sleeping in PR632 DayDreamer Power Lift Chair Reclinern be easily adjusted to offer ideal support for your spine as well as leg elevation to alleviate pressure on the lumbar. 

“Knee pain is the second most common cause of chronic pain” among adults in the U.S. according to Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. Often patients find themselves seeking a surgical remedy such as knee replacement. Golden power lift recliners are luxurious and comfortable home medical equipment that offer support during a vulnerable time. They help patients and caregivers with lift assistance, balance, and can help keep the leg raised above the heart, which may help with swelling.


According to Dr. Omoigui, from his medical journal on The Biochemical Origin of Pain, “Another leading cause of pain is inflammation and particularly Edema. Edema can happen from a weakening in the valves of the veins in the legs (a condition called venous insufficiency). This problem makes it hard for the veins to push blood back up to the heart, and leads to varicose veins and a buildup of fluid in the legs.” Cleveland Clinic, (2021). They also recommend, “Keeping your legs elevated above the level of the heart” as a method to reduce swelling. Our MaxiComfort power lift recliners offer the Trendelenburg position, which positions the legs just above the level of the heart to achieve this recommended leg elevation.

Patients suffering from the symptoms of Edema are also vulnerable to pressure sores. Golden power lift recliners allow individuals to change positions frequently and we offer a large variety of fabrics that are both breathable and temperature neutral such as our exclusive supple Brisa® fabrics. This durable fabric is softer to the touch than leather and has a porous surface that allows airflow to the skin.

Golden Technologies Brisa Fabric

Varicose veins are another form of chronic pain that can happen, mostly in the legs. According to the Mayo Clinic (2021), “Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins. Any superficial vein may become varicosed, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs. That’s because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body.” Varicose veins can cause burning and cramping sensations in the legs. This aching, throbbing, and swelling can also be accompanied by discoloration. The Mayo Clinic (2021) recommends, “Self-care—such as exercises, elevating your legs or even wearing compression stockings,” as a method to help prevent them from becoming worse.

The causes of chronic pain can vary considerably from injury-related chronic pain, to chronic pain caused by inflammation, to pain caused by exposure to environmental factors. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defined pain as, “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.”

We try to measure and convey our pain in units, scales from 1 to 10, and even the Wong-Baker Pain Scale, which is a 0-10 scale composed of various facial expressions meant to communicate the level of pain an individual is experiencing. One thing is for sure, no matter how we try to communicate to others how we feel, at the time it very much feels like we are shouldering the burden of chronic pain alone. Pain, while subjective, as it happens to us on an individual basis, is also universal. It causes us to feel distressed or not like ourselves and we all do what we can to try to function normally despite our discomfort. Golden power lift chairs can help you to retain some of the comfort and mobility that you had before this pain came into your life and will still prove to be a wonderful addition to your home long after the pain has passed.





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The Importance of an Ergonomic Chair

Golden Technologies Comfort Zone Power Lift Chair Recliners

Written By: Jackie Caraballo and Aline Browning

An Ergonomic Chair Is A Must-Have At Any Age

If you’re like most people, when you reach your 30s your body starts to lose its youthfulness and you begin to realize the importance of ergonomic support and good posture. I knew my posture wasn’t the greatest, but after seeing a physical therapist for the first time for back pain, I realized just how important good posture and ergonomic furniture is to help relieve and prevent future aches and pains. 

Although you may not need major pain-relieving methods now, make sure you’re treating your body right to avoid problems in the future. Think about how many hours of your life have been spent sitting. One in four American adults sit for more than eight hours a day, according to federal research from investigators at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Ergonomic Chairs for Back Pain Relief

Spine-Health reports that millions of people are sitting in badly designed chairs or in a position that can cause chronic back pain and undue suffering. “Ergonomics is about designing for our physiology. Whether you are buying an ergonomic chair to support your back or taking steps to improve your posture, knowing proper techniques and proper chair design will help you improve your back’s health.”

Golden Technologies PR761 EZ Sleeper Power Lift Chair Recliner

Golden Power Lift Recliners feature up to five zones of ergonomic and patented wellness positioning to support and rejuvenate your whole body. Each Comfort Zone can be adjusted independently to find your perfectly unique supportive position by using our exclusive AutoDrive hand control

Golden Technologies Power Lift Chair Recliners with 5 Comfort Zones

Zone Five features our exclusive, patented Twilight Technology. This patented tilting motion provides a feeling of weightlessness beyond zero gravity and offers even more positioning options that aren’t available with other recliners. Encourage circulation by relaxing with your legs elevated or promote the release of muscle tension and joint pain in a comforting neutral position. Twilight lift recliners offer the greatest array of rejuvenating positions to find the perfect angle for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Zone Four focuses on lumbar support. The custom and firm support of the adjustable lumbar can take pressure off your spine while giving your back muscles the chance to rest and rejuvenate. 

Zone Three supports your head placement with an adjustable headrest, allowing for tension to be released from your neck and shoulders while encouraging the natural shape of your spine. 

Zone Two supports the upper body. The independent movement of the backrest allows stress and strain to be released from your upper body by offering adjustable support for your back and shoulders. 

Zone One supports the lower body and features four-way motion in the seat, which helps provide relief to muscle and joint pain by placing your lower body in a supported ergonomic position. 

Don’t procrastinate on your health! As you grow older, postural control is weakened by a flexed posture or a posture where the head protrudes forward. According to De Groot (2014), “A flexed posture (FP) is characterized by protrusion of the head and an increased thoracic kyphosis (TK), which may be caused by osteoporotic vertebral fractures (VFs). These impairments may affect motor function, and consequently, increase the risk of falling and fractures.”

Posture affects so much more than our overall comfort. As we age, our posture plays a more governing role over our balance. Flexed posturing can be especially challenging for men because they have a higher center gravity so FP can exacerbate balance issues. A study by Kado (2007), supported this higher prevalence of falls in men concluding, “Moderate hyperkyphotic posture may signify an easily identifiable independent risk factor for injurious falls in older men, with the association being less pronounced in older women.”

Being conscious about your posture now and providing proper support and alignment for your spine earlier on, may reduce the challenges associated with balance issues later on. An article by the American Posture Institute (2021) stated, “Postural distortion patterns do not develop overnight. This comes from our daily habits. Remaining unaware of your posture and allowing yourself to be in bad posture throughout your day causes compensation in your spine. These changes are seen through incorrect posture.”

Choose all five Comfort Zones with our Golden power lift recliners with patented Twilight Technology or find your perfect-fitting chair in a range of sizes with our Small To Tall Comforter Lift Chair Collection

We recommend visiting a home medical equipment store or pharmacy near you using our retailer locator to sit in and try out each chair to find your perfect fit. All Golden chairs can be custom built in the color and style of your choosing, most made right here in the USA in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Find the chair of your dreams—you deserve it!