Why Your Business Should Advertise on Facebook

Written By: Jackie Caraballo

Facebook Ads for Your Business Page



How Useful Is Facebook Advertising?

Are you consistently creating social media posts, but not getting many likes, comments or shares? That’s because Facebook has made it very difficult for its users to view Business page posts unless they purchase advertising. And if you’re not advertising your business on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic to your page and/or website and potential revenue. According to Facebook Business, now over 2.7 billion people use Facebook each month. That’s over a quarter of the world’s entire population. And they’re using Facebook almost every single day. 

Forbes reported that although television revenue from ads increased by 7.1% in January 2018, digital ad revenue was more than double that, at 16.8%. Even more surprising is that there was still a marked increase in digital ad revenue, with the most spending on Facebook, despite the platform’s problems with fake news and changing its news feed algorithm to favor posts from users’ friends and family over businesses. The statistics are too high to ignore. Facebook has become so ingrained in users’ lives, that it’s difficult for them to stop using the platform. Unfortunately for businesses, organic post engagement has dropped significantly since 2017. A business might organically only reach 2% of its targeted audience. However, paying for a targeted Facebook ad will overcome this obstacle. At Golden Technologies, we’ve been able to dramatically increase our Facebook post reach with a significant ROI. 


The Best Way To Create Facebook Ads

Now that you know the stats, here’s how you get started. A Facebook ad will not use the same techniques as pay per click (PPC) advertising, but instead, calls for more classic creative marketing methods. Think about when you are checking your own personal Facebook feed. If you’re just relaxing, checking to see what your friends are up to, do you take more than two seconds to realize the post is an ad, and then just scroll right past it in your feed? I know that’s what I do, unless an ad is so engaging that it makes me stop scrolling and watch the video or read the compelling story. Now think about whether you’re a professional in marketing or advertising with years of experience and training, who can create an ad that will not only get a second glance, but make the viewer actually buy your product. If that’s not you, then you should consider either using the content that Golden Technologies’ marketing team creates for you or hiring a professional digital marketing agency to help you craft a creative, engaging Facebook ad. 


Videos Make the Best Content

The best type of ad is a Facebook video ad. It’s the most compelling way to increase user engagement. But whether it’s a video, photo, or story, you have to make sure your ad is visually stimulating, thought-provoking, and, frankly, helpful, to get the user’s attention. This will then drive viewers to your website, which is, of course, full of riveting content, resulting in the purchasing of your product or service, and, (gasp!) even sharing your ad or website with others. 


Facebook Will Retarget Your Website Visitors

Facebook, and social media in general, have an edge when it comes to marketing. Have you ever Googled something, and then went on Facebook and sure enough, there was an ad for exactly that same search term? BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! Just kidding. What you’ve actually experienced is called retargeting. And Facebook is the king of retargeting. How it works is, when you visit a website, but do not purchase from or contact that site, a cookie that is set in your browser and Facebook will then automatically pop an ad from that same business in your feed to try to re-engage with you. As creepy as it may seem (sometimes I swear I just talked about something and a Facebook ad pops up—you’re not listening to our conversations, right Mark Zuckerberg??), this type of advertising is a big deal for businesses. The Search Engine Journal reports that, “a mere 2% of people actually convert to becoming a sale the first time they land on your webpage.” However, bringing them back a second time around, after they’ve had more time to think about your business or product, users are more likely to then convert on your site. But wait, it gets better: through Facebook’s use of retargeting, an ad on Facebook will ultimately drive more traffic to your Facebook page or website. More traffic will, in turn, boost your search engine rankings, and bring in even more traffic, and if you have good content, then you will get more conversions, AKA sales.


Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Another reason Facebook ads are so great, is that they really aren’t very expensive. You can spend as little as $1 a day for your ad. Small businesses have the opportunity to target their audience just as much as larger businesses. Plus, you can measure your results in real time and instantly see if your advertising strategy is working or if you need to make changes. You can also save money by cutting out other ad campaigns, such as on television, where customers are frequently fast-forwarding through commercials when they DVR a show, anyway. I’m pretty sure during the Super Bowl is the only time most people actually want to watch commercials. 


Social Media Ads Can Go Viral

A viral ad may not always be the goal, but it is an amazing perk that no other advertising outlet can offer. It’s basically worldwide advertising at a fraction of the cost, and unlike the lottery, you have the ability to determine if you win. The good news is that this digital equivalent to the holy grail is attainable. All you have to do is think outside the box and create an ad so good, that it is shared organically across social media and viewed by millions. Easy, right? Well, that’s also where Golden can help. We’re constantly searching for heart-warming and special stories about how our products help our customers. If you know of an amazing story, please share it with us and we will create a video or blog post featuring Golden products for you. 


Advertise on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Businesses can’t afford not to go digital. A company today must have an engaging, optimized website that’s mobile-friendly, and have a strong social media presence. By the way, we’re not recommending that you advertise only on Facebook. Golden recommends advertising across social media with Instagram as the next best choice for ad placement. Don’t miss out on the largest social communities in the world. Most of your competitors already are advertising on Facebook and Instagram, or they will be in the very new future. Most importantly, it’s crucial that your social media page or website has great content to backup your engaging ad. Otherwise, your visitor will most likely leave your site without converting. 


Need Help Creating Your First Facebook Ad?

Stay tuned for a FREE Golden Webinar for retailers on August 20th, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST* with step-by-step directions on how to create a Facebook post using Golden content and then how to “Boost” your posts to reach a larger audience in your local area! If you’re a Golden Retailer, join our Golden Dealer Insider Facebook Group for all the latest inside information!


*Please note that the time has changed from 3:00 p.m. EST to 2:00 p.m. EST.


Jack’s Chairs


How the Right Lift Recliner Brought Joy & Music Back to Jack Briseno’s Life

As he fought an arduous battle against stage 4 cancer, Jack Briseno of Naperville, Illinois, held tightly onto several things that gave him strength in his fight. His family, friends, and music played an important role during his time battling the disease, but another quite unexpected source of comfort made the journey a much more peaceful and smooth one: Jack became the proud owner of five different Golden Technologies lift chairs. Both he and his wife, Kathy, credit them with giving quality to the last years of his life.

It was from one of those chairs—one that stayed at a local restaurant and bar where he emceed a music night—that Jack often shared one of his life mottos.

“At the end of the evening he would tell everyone, ‘These are the good old days.’ That was his line,” Kathy Briseno said.

Rich Moore, owner of Shanahan’s Food and Spirits in Woodbridge, said that Jack would often feel too bad to perform from the stage. But he’d always end the evening on a high note.

“When it was time for him to say a few words, I would hand the mic back to him, and he would close up the show with his favorite line, ‘These are the good old days,’” Moore said. “But it was hard to see him smile and close his eyes when he wasn’t feeling good.”


Alex Anderson with Golden lift recliners at Oswalds Pharmacy
Alex Anderson with Golden lift recliners at Oswalds Pharmacy.


Search For Comfort

Jack Briseno’s cancer diagnosis progressed quickly to a point where he couldn’t sit or sleep comfortably, and his wife knew something had to be done about the situation.

“As the years went on, it got progressively worse, went into his bones, and it was very difficult for him to sit comfortably. Jack couldn’t get in and out of our bed anymore,” Briseno said.

She visited a furniture store and purchased a lift chair, but they quickly discovered it wasn’t the answer. “We were excited because we thought it was something that Jack was going to be comfortable in, but once we got it home, we realized it didn’t fit him. His feet didn’t touch the ground,” she said. “We really just didn’t know how this was going to work for him.”

The answer came in the form of the 143-year-old Oswald’s Pharmacy in downtown Naperville, where Alex Anderson first showed the Brisenos its collection of Golden power lift recliners.

When she saw these chairs and saw what they could do, she was pretty disappointed with her previous purchase,” said Anderson, who is a sixth-generation owner at Oswald’s.

Briseno said she was immediately impressed with the selections and the options at the store. She was equally impressed with the knowledgeable staff.

“I realized that there were people who knew something about a product and weren’t just selling a chair. It was the fit that was the most important thing, and we spent hours there with Alex letting Jack try out chairs, explaining the products.

“When Jack sat on this chair, he really did cry,” she said. And that was the first chair purchase.



Jack’s Lift Chair Collection

Jack's Cabin Golden Lift ReclinerThat wasn’t the last Golden lift recliner the family purchased—not even close. The Brisenos purchased their second lift recliner for a vacation cabin in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

“Jack wasn’t able to go there, and it was one of his favorite places to go,” Briseno said. “It wasn’t comfortable to be on a couch, and he couldn’t sleep in a bed there. So, I got the idea to find out if we could buy a chair and send it up to Wisconsin.”

A few months later, she went back to Oswald’s to add to her purchase. She had decided that they needed a lift recliner on every level so that Jack could sleep in an upstairs bedroom if he wished. Also, especially important, was a chair in the basement, where Jack loved to have parties with music.

“She had chairs on every floor, which we just thought was really cool and the first time we’ve ever seen that for a customer,” Anderson said.

Having a Golden lift recliner in every area of the home was a truly freeing experience, according to Briseno. The ability to recline, rest, and sleep in any location gave her husband freedom and peace of mind.

“The chair gave him some freedom. He would say things like it saved his life,” she said. “He couldn’t believe how comfortable he felt, that he’d be able to sleep, and how his back didn’t hurt when he was in the chair.”



Kathy Briseno in the Golden Lift Recliner in her home
Kathy Briseno in the Golden Lift Recliner in her home


For the Love of Music & Friendship

When he was in good health, Jack often spent up to five evenings each week at Shanahan’s.

Photograph of Kathy and Jack Briseno
Photograph of Kathy and Jack Briseno.

He would listen to the band playing, and he would regularly become the Master of Ceremonies for the night’s entertainment. As his health deteriorated, however, visits to his favorite bar became less common.

“Truthfully, a lot of times people came because Jack was emcee. It would just be an amazing night of music—standing room only.” Briseno recalled. “But then he wasn’t even making it more than five minutes a week, or at all. He had a pillow, a blanket, and there were times we’d bring a canvas director’s chair. But nothing was comfortable, and I was like, ‘We have to do something’.”

Oswald’s James Hiltenbrand said it was the one and only time his store installed a lift chair in a bar—but that it perfectly exemplified how Golden products enhance every aspect of a customer’s life.

Family friend and fellow music lover, Donna Rice, reiterated that the move of the chair to Shanahan’s made a huge difference to the Brisenos. It also allowed the friends to have more time together.

“Because Kathy brought a chair here and because Rich made room for this chair for Jack, [he] could be here on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and he could endure the pain, and he could stay in his seat,” Rice said. “He would be able to enjoy the music, and selfishly, we would be able to enjoy him. As far as that chair goes, it paid for itself 100 times over because Jack was able to be with us.”


Jack Briseno in his Golden lift recliner at Shanahan's Food and Spirits


The Lift Chair Legacy Continues

Jack’s legacy lives on in the memories the chair at Shanahan’s evokes for his friends and other regular customers.

“If you look at that chair, you’re like, it’s Jack in a chair form because all those memories start flooding back about him,” Rice said. “About how kind he was, how thoughtful he was, how he was the type of person that made you laugh, and think about not sweating the small stuff and to enjoy the moment. That was Jack. He lives on.”

And the importance of lift recliners in Jack’s cancer battle lives on in the way it has affected others around him.

His wife recently had surgery for thyroid cancer, and when she talked to doctors about how to handle getting out of bed after having her thyroid removed, she immediately realized that a Golden chair would help her in her recovery.

Vietnam Veteran in Golden Lift Recliner
Kathy Briseno donated one of Jack’s lift chairs to Vietnam Veteran, Wayne Millian, who is on dialysis.

“I came home and I looked at the chair, and I’m like, I know where I’m sleeping. Probably for two, three weeks, I stayed in the lift chair,” she said. “It lifted me up, I didn’t have to put any strain on myself, and I knew what Jack meant. Being able to press a button and have it just lift me up, so there was no strain or anything, and I understood what Jack meant in regards to how important it was to have something like this for us.”

Briseno said that Golden lift chairs have also helped their daughter during an uncomfortable pregnancy, and have also benefitted a volunteer veterans’ group Jack believed in.

The benefits that the Golden lift recliners provided to Jack Briseno—and for those around him—were truly immeasurable. His wife said that all of the chairs in Jack’s life made his last days truly good.

“I wish Jack could be in this chair now. Who’s ever heard of anyone having five chairs?” she said. “I mean, they’re not [inexpensive]. I knew it would make his life better, and so I wanted that for him. What mattered was that he was comfortable.”


Jack's Friends and Wife with Lift Chair At Shanahan's Food & Spirits





Golden Emerges From COVID-19 Pandemic Stronger Than Ever

Sewing Machine Operators at Golden Technologies


A Pennsylvania Essential Business

As a home medical equipment manufacturer, Golden Technologies was fortunate to be deemed an essential business by the state of Pennsylvania and allowed to remain open through the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect its workers, Golden hired a special cleaning service to disinfect the factory and all facilities, added plastic barriers between each sewing machine operator, extended its production line so that all workers are at least six feet apart, and has maintained social distancing throughout its buildings. The company, however, did have its share of setbacks as many of its retailers were forced to close their doors and sales were down in mid-to-late March, and unfortunately, Golden had to reduce its staff. 


Bob Phibbs The Retail Doctor


But When The Going Gets Tough…The Tough Start Training!

Despite these challenges, the Golden team decided to make the most of this unprecedented situation and set forth with team-building training sessions on Zoom and social media. The team also made a dedicated effort to remain in constant communication with their retailers, providing them with free online social media training sessions, expert sales strategy advice from Bob Phibbs The Retail Doctor on how to re-open and train their retail staff to operate during these uncertain times, as well as online Service Tech Training. 


Golden Team On Friday Tie Day


A One-Of-A-Kind Team

Not only has our Golden team been working harder than ever to become more tech savvy and meet our sales goals, they also came closer together as a team. We prayed for one another’s family members and each other, shared personal stories and show-and-tells, held Zoom tie-wearing surprises, always encouraged and showed gratitude for one another, and even made and donated masks to the Geisinger Health system, local manufacturers, and many others in need across the country. 


Golden Donates Masks To Local Manufacturers


The COVID-19 Pandemic Made Our Company Stronger

Now that it seems the worst is over, Golden is thrilled to report that for the past few weeks, we have been exceeding our sales goals over last year and we have brought back most of our furloughed workers! Our dedicated team really stepped up and came together to emerge even stronger than we were before. We truly thank all of our retailers for their continued support and partnershipwe are looking forward to an amazing Golden year ahead! 

Golden Retailers Receive Expert Sales Training to Combat COVID-19 Effects


Today, Golden retailers had the opportunity to hear directly from one of the nation’s top small business consultants about how to approach sales in the post-COVID-19 era. Golden hosted the free webinar, “Reboot Your Retail Strategy,” featuring Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, who spoke to the specific needs of the home medical equipment industry and gave them his prescription for success. This webinar is one facet of Golden’s new digital initiative created in response to the current economic climate.

“We recognize that our retailers are operating in unchartered territory during this pandemic and we want to help them succeed in their recovery and beyond by providing access to expert guidance, along with new sales and marketing tools,” said C.J. Copley, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Offering The Retail Doctor’s presentation is a continuation of the type of proactive leadership stance Golden has taken since stay-at-home orders derailed businesses nationwide.”

In response to the time of COVID-19 challenging retailing like never before, Bob Phibbs told Golden retailers to focus on the positive opportunities ahead. During the webinar, retailers learned how store operations have to change, how to market themselves – including the do’s and don’ts of Facebook Live, and how to get the right mindset to not just survive but to win as stores re-open.

Phibbs told them plainly, “You’re going to have to sell your way out of this. The old “asked and answered” retail is dying, you need to care for shoppers and not wait on them. We’ve all had our trust broken. Retailers will need to develop a professional retail salesperson who can engage a cautious shopper, develop authentic rapport, be able to compare and contrast, and make the sale. Anything less just won’t due in this new retail environment.”

Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, is a popular motivational speaker and small business Consultant who has transformed thousands of businesses throughout the world with his straightforward, proven advice.

Golden plans on continuing to develop and provide their retailers with digital tools to encourage sales as retail’s “new normal” is established.


Golden Expands Overstock Inventory for Retailers To Thank Healthcare Heroes by Offering Deep Discounts

Golden thanks healthcare & community workers with a special discount on power recliners

Home medical equipment (HME) manufacturer, Golden Technologies, is supporting its retailers in every way possible as the financial effects of the COVID-19 impact continue to strain businesses around the globe. Like many healthcare professionals, HME suppliers are also on the front lines fighting the Coronavirus, keeping their customers safe with no contact deliveries of lift chairs, hospital beds, oxygen and more. As a way to show their appreciation for braving the virus, Golden is offering deep discounts on select power lift recliners.

“Golden would like to say thank you to our nation’s healthcare heroes – doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, first responders, as well as our HME retailers and their employees – for their unselfish acts to continue working and helping those with medical necessities throughout this crisis. We would also like to thank the many food handlers, grocery store and trucking employees, and all others whose work is so vital to all of us,” said Rich Golden, President & CEO of Golden Technologies. “Our way of showing that we care about their health and wellness is to offer our retailers a significant discount on a special inventory of power recliners with the expectation that the savings are passed onto the individual healthcare providers and other essential employees in their local community,” he added.

As part of a community outreach effort in response to the pandemic, Golden greatly expanded their overstock inventory with over 500 power recliners of varying models, sizes, fabrics, colors and patented technologies to create a special hero program to be used by brick and mortar HME retailers to thank their employees and community members. This inventory includes Golden’s most popular power recliner, The Cloud™ PR510 – the number one selling lift chair in the industry – as well as several chairs featuring their patented Twilight positioning technology and Value Series recliner models. Twilight technology offers a feeling of weightlessness and the healthy benefit of being able to elevate the feet above the heart for improved circulation. Some of the power recliners are available in Brisa®, Golden’s luxurious, breathable performance fabric and other high-performance fabrics. There is something for everyone in the hero collection.

“Golden salutes our courageous healthcare professionals and all front line employees. We want to offer them the most comfortable seat in the house at an affordable price so when they return home they can put their feet up and enjoy some well-deserved time to rejuvenate,” added Golden.

The special discount offer is available until April 30, 2020, while supplies last. Visit our Dealer Locator to find a local Golden retailer near you.

Golden’s Receives 5-Year Department of Veterans Affairs Contract for Mobility Products

Golden Technologies logo


Golden Technologies was recently notified by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of their intent to exercise the second option year of their current five-year contract, which runs through April of 2023 to supply mobility products. Golden proudly provides power scooters across the VA nationwide to enhance the quality of life for Veterans and allow them the freedom of movement and independence they so deserve.

“It is unprecedented for the VA to commit fully to a five-year contract, which normally is reviewed and approved year by year on an annual basis. We are humbled and honored to continue to provide top of the line power mobility equipment to our Veterans,” said Rich Golden, CEO of Golden Technologies. “Our Companion GC240 and GC340 power scooters allow them to access medical care and perform necessary tasks at home and in community environments that are so important to maintaining independence in their daily life,” he added.

“We are extremely proud of our long-standing relationship and the reputation we have built with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is a great honor to not only have been awarded the Nationwide Scooter Contracts, but to be assured – especially during these challenging times – that they are confident in Golden and counting on us to provide scooters to our nation’s Veterans through 2023,” said Donna Payer, VA National Account Director.

Golden was awarded their first nationwide scooter contract by the VA in 2003 for the categories of Mid-size 3-Wheel and Full-size 3-Wheel Scooters. The Companion GC240 and GC340 power scooters are the Golden models provided to our Veterans. The period of performance for the contract will end in April 2023.


Learn more about Golden Technologies.





Golden’s New Lift Chair Express Stock Program

Golden Express Program Logo


As we continue to closely monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and how they are impacting businesses around the world, please know that we are aggressively creating solid plans to better serve you and your customers during this most uncertain time in our lives.

In response to the changing needs, we are implementing an abbreviated product offering of lift chair stock. I would like to introduce to you our new Lift Chair Stock Express Program! The purpose of this is to focus all of our efforts on our most popular models and fabric selections due to our reduced workforce, as well as provide our retailers with the most profitable chairs. We believe this will allow us to continue to build high-quality chairs, provide faster delivery, and offer even greater customer service.

When you see the new Express Program icon, you will know that the designated models are stocked and ready to ship to you with just a phone call to Golden! The Lift Chair Express Program Stock Sheet lists all of the models and fabrics featured in this program. A brand new brochure has been created for you as well to highlight these popular chairs and colors, also included for download. If you have questions on the course of this direction, please contact your Golden Sales Representative.

Please use the April editions of the Express Program stock sheet and new brochure as sales resources in place of all other materials. We are not printing these documents for distribution at this time. Both of them will be available for download on our website. This program is subject to change depending on situations that may arise which would be out of our control. We will certainly communicate any changes as we move forward. Additionally, we are planning to send you May editions of these materials.

Current builder orders could be delayed up to two weeks due to the refocusing of our workforce.

We appreciate your continued partnership, especially while we are navigating our business plan in the fluid nature of ongoing developments. As always, we will work diligently to meet your needs and those of your customers.

Stay safe and stay well.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Golden

Golden Is An Essential Medical Manufacturing Business

CEO Rich Golden with Employees


March 30, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Though we are experiencing a time of uncertainty, one thing you can be certain about is Golden. We
are here to offer all the support you need to provide your customers with the outstanding service,
products and care they deserve. The following are ways we can support you today.

Business Hours: Golden is listed as an essential business under the category of medical
manufacturing. Therefore, all departments are fully functional and operating at a reduced capacity. Our business hours of operation have been adjusted to Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5 PM EST. A vital part of being fully operational is practicing all standards set forth by the CDC to ensure the health and safety of our employees. This includes social distancing, proper hand washing and regular
sanitizing of workstations. In addition, all employees that can work remotely have been asked to do so.

Quick Ship Inventory: We understand that the need for our product has not diminished during this
time of uncertainty. We have thousands of power lift recliners and mobility products in-stock throughout the United States that are ready to be shipped to meet your customer’s immediate needs.

Retailer Support: Sales, marketing and service departments are available and here to support your
business in any way possible.

Product Development: The R&D department has been working to ensure that you have the most
innovative products to offer your customers once this pandemic is behind us.

In addition to our normal daily operations, we are continuing to partner with Geisinger Health Care
Systems to manufacture disposable face masks to help safeguard their employees as they care for our loved ones and our community. We are happy to be able to make a difference during the shortage of vital personal protective equipment.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to local, state and government officials that have worked tirelessly to provide stimulus packages for businesses and individuals during this time of need. We are all in this together and I heartily believe we will come out of it stronger than ever!

Stay safe and stay well.

Sincerely yours,
Richard Golden, CEO

Golden Making Protective Masks for Geisinger Health System


Rich Golden with Employees Making Masks for Geisinger Hospitals

As COVID-19 is impacting more and more individuals around the globe, home medical equipment manufacturer, Golden Technologies, is initiating efforts to assist local healthcare professionals by providing vital personal protective equipment to stop the spread of the virus in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Concerned about the availability of medical supplies in our area and around the country, we identified a way to use the exceptional skills of our employees in our power lift chair division and the capabilities within our manufacturing facility to quickly produce disposable face masks for our local healthcare providers,” said Rich Golden, CEO of Golden Technologies.

“We reached out to Geisinger—one of our great community Golden Employee Sewing Maskhealthcare systems—and invited their leadership to visit Golden to propose our idea and present a sample mask sewn by one of our employees, which was enthusiastically received,” he added. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gerald Maloney, and Director of Emergency Management, Stephanie Gryboski attended the meeting last week.

“Geisinger is very appreciative of Golden to be able to provide masks to our staff to be used during this pandemic,” said Gryboski. “We were pleased to meet with Golden executives and have discussions around protecting our healthcare workers,” she added.

Golden employee sewing masks for GeisingerGolden began cutting fabric and sewing face masks this week to donate to Geisinger for distribution in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties. Golden employees are eager to work on the masks and take action during this challenging and uncertain time.



“It is our great honor to provide our outstanding healthcare professionals the equipment they need to keep themselves safe as they help care for our families, friends, and neighbors,” said Golden. “I am extremely proud that we are doing our patriotic duty in defending our great nation against this virus and playing an even more important role in the communities where we live and work.”


AdGolden Face Masksditionally, Golden is using its strong supply chain partnerships in Asia and abroad to ship what could be several hundred thousand masks as quickly as possible.



Golden Technologies’ COVID-19 Update

Golden employees making masks for Geisinger


COVID-19 Update March 23, 2020

As we continue to closely monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, the health of our employees remains at the forefront of all decision making. I want to assure you that Golden is following all workplace guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for the safety of our employees and customers. We hope that you, too, are following the strong recommendations of the CDC to keep yourself and your family safe by keeping hands clean, practicing social distancing, and staying home.

These are unique circumstances, and responsible and deliberate decisions are being made so that we can continue to provide support to our retailers. At this time, we are operating with the help of essential personnel only to continue our mission. Please know that those employees requested to report to work will be doing so operating under new strict social distancing guidelines. Those selected to be on the phones or working to keep the lines open are doing so remotely.

We have also made the decision to temporarily reduce our workforce for the safety of our employees as well as the safety of those in our community. We hope that this is a short-term situation and we look forward to our Golden team being intact again after the country recovers from this national emergency. We do expect business to surge thanks to everyone being home for so long stuck in their home thinking of ways to improve their quality of life and living space.

In these unprecedented times, we also have a unique opportunity to strengthen our resolve to always be the best at what we do. We will have many new and exciting products coming soon and we will need the team’s help to launch them over the coming months. New technology! More innovation! Unprecedented expansion!

Additionally, I am extremely proud to tell you that we are doing our patriotic duty in defending our great nation against this virus and playing an even more vital role in our community. We approached Geisinger, one our large community health systems, to offer our assistance in producing vital personal protective equipment. Starting today, we will begin cutting fabric and sewing disposable surgical face masks for our local healthcare professionals so they may be safe while they care for our families, friends and neighbors. We are truly making a difference!

Given the fluid nature of ongoing developments, we will share new, pertinent information as it becomes available.

As always, we appreciate your continued partnership during this time of uncertainty.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Golden, CEO


Worry ends where faith begins.

2 Cor-5:7