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Proudly manufactured for your long lasting comfort.

A Message from the CEO

Golden Technologies was founded in 1985 on one principle that still holds true today: build it right the first time.

When my father, Robert Golden, Sr., and his business partner, Fred Kiwak, founded our company in 1985, the vision they had back then remains the same as our vision today: to “build it right the first time” and to be the first choice for durable medical equipment dealers and their customers looking for a high quality, American made lift chair.

Golden lift chairs are built with unsurpassed craftsmanship in our factory in Old Forge, PA, by local employees. Today Golden employees over 400 people that design, assemble, sew fabrics for, and cover the kiln-dried maple frames of our lift chairs. Our factory was specifically designed for this purpose, and is the largest factory in the world dedicated solely to the manufacture of lift chairs.

At Golden, comfort and durability are our priority, driven by innovation in everything we do. That’s why we offer so many different sizes and styles of lift chairs. No other manufacturer offers one lift chair style in 10 different sizes like the Comforter and Comforter Wide series. With sizes ranging from the Junior Petite for people under 5’ tall, to the Super 33 for individuals weighing up to 700 lbs, our saying of “small to tall, we build ‘em all” is true!

Our patented MaxiComfort® Ultimate Recline Technology provides consumers with the smoothest, quietest motion experience from a full recline into the Trendelenburg position, to the zero-gravity position all the way to the fully lifted position. No other company offers a motion system like MaxiComfort!

Innovation. Commitment. Loyalty.

Throughout every level of our company, we are proud to live up to the definition of these three words: innovation, commitment and loyalty. These words guide us in our daily work and we have embraced these as our core values.

We are innovative: never accepting our products as being “good enough,” but always looking for ways to make them better.

We are committed to building it right the first time. Every time.

We are loyal to our employees, our customers and the consumers who use our products every day. As a family-owned, second generation family-operated company, we strive to design and manufacture products that we are proud to have our own family members use every day.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products.

Richard Golden, CEO