Golden Introduces the All New BuzzAround Extreme

Golden Technologies is proud to introduce the all new BuzzAround Extreme Scooter which features the portability and easy disassembly of a lightweight scooter with the amazing benefits of a full size scooter!

The three and four-wheel Golden BuzzAround Extreme Scooters both come standard with 2-U1 batteries – industry leading and the largest battery in this category for maximum operating range. The BuzzAround Extreme also features a brand new ultrabright LED headlight and taillight, comfort spring suspension for the smoothest ride, and an extremely comfortable 18” x 16” stadium style seat.

With a “best in class,” weight capacity of 330 pounds, large 9-inch tires, and 4-inch ground clearance, the Golden BuzzAround Extreme Scooters are easily maneuverable both indoors and out. Additionally, the Extreme not only has a larger 90 amp controller and a larger 320 watt motor, it also has more foot room than the scooters within the same category. Until now, there has not been a scooter that is so sturdy and comfortable to drive, yet can be disassembled in four easy steps!

“We are all so excited about the latest addition to our BuzzAround family, the Buzz Extreme,” stated Richard Golden, President and CEO at Golden Technologies. “It is what our customers have been asking for; a full time awesome looking scooter with U1 batteries for the best value, with full comfort suspension but that is still incredibly portable, lightweight, and maneuverable. The Buzzaround Extreme is exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak.”

Promotional items for the Extreme will include FREE TV commercials and tagged ads, new brochures, marketing flyers, vinyl banners, posters, and tee shirts! You will not want to miss out on the industry’s first hybrid scooter – go the extra mile on the Buzzaround Extreme from Golden!